Imagined around a bonfire on a vacation in Mexico (see above), our family asked each other:

“What do we want to do together that we love?”

The answer came quickly: build an awesome rum and tropical cocktail destination.

That decided, how do we want that experience to feel?

First, it was decidedly NOT the familiar and kitschy 50’s version of tiki bars we too had loved for decades.

We envisioned something a little more elegant and modern to suit our tastes.

Something distinctively us.

Today, we celebrate over 6 years of success – riddled with both daunting challenges and amazing opportunities unforeseen.

Our passion to providing a beautiful, clean, safe, hospitable place to gather together for something truly special…

and craft even more special memories and experiences just like sitting together with family around the fire.

As our creative ideas grew, we became excited at the opportunity to introduce Reno to an upscale, tropical rum bar experience.

Most importantly, one that everyone would immediately feel and understand our passion for hand-crafted cocktails and truly excellent service.

After a few tropical drinks of our own (and with our creative juices flowing freely) it came to us from our son and GM, Loren: Rum Sugar Lime.

Based upon the classic and always delicious ingredients of the classic Daiquiri.

Often cited in literature as the “Holy Trinity” of tropical cocktail ingredients.

Rum Sugar Lime (or memorably, “RSL”) was born that night on the beach in Mexico.

That was 2017, and our dedication to creating the freshest, most delicious cocktails in town remains as strong today as it was then.

Thank you, friends and new family, for joining us on this amazing journey as we explore new boundaries in our craft and focus on the important business of hospitality.