Rum Sugar Lime (RSL) was created around a bonfire on a family getaway in Mexico. Loren (center right) was wondering where to put all this creative bartender energy after working in the industry for over 5 years. What’s next? What does Reno need and what can be brought to the table that is truly different? What do we enjoy? The answer came fairly quickly: Rum. Rum was our calling and passion.

Larry and Laurie (parents and owners) were excited about the idea of introducing Reno to an upscale, fun bar environment. Something you might experience in a bigger metropolis. Most importantly, one that everyone would feel safe and comfortable visiting.

After some creative discussion of what we would call it, “rum sugar lime” came to mind from Loren. Based around the classic and always delicious Daiquiri our family enjoys, plus the “holy trinity” of tropical cocktail ingredients.

“RSL”: Simple and to the point.

Anthony (third from left) was already a renown graphic designer. So, naturally, after much discussion of the “feel” we were wanting, he designed our logo.

Larry (far right) continues that design aesthetic today, while Laurie (next to Larry) manages the financials and keeps all things verywell organized. Loren and team create fresh cocktails for every season and manages our fantastic crew who also contributes their mastermind beverages. SeraFina (far left) captures our brand for social media (and more) with her skilled photography and engaging content.

Every individual has, and continues to play their part to make sure you (our awesome customer and bar family) have the best time when visiting us.

Yes, we are a family-owned and operated business. We are honored to say our staff, and all of you have become just as close to our hearts. Thank you for joining us and continuing to support us.

We truly love our RSL family and all that you have helped us make it today.