This week, we’re featuring one of five new rum flights at Rum Sugar Lime.  Our Port To Port flight will introduce you to a world of flavors in just three 1.5 oz. tastings – all from the comfort of your chair.
Come experience our Port To Port flight yourself and let our knowledgeable bartenders guide you to the perfect place and flavors of the world of rum.
Our Port to Port selection from left to right:
Opthimus 25 yr: Made by Oliver y Oliver, “Ron Opthimus 25 Años is the result of the combination of 25 year old soleras, meticulously selected by the company’s master rum makers. Oliver y Oliver consider this rum their flagship product, as well as the best rum in the world. “
FourSquare Détente: “A blend of two distinct 10 year old single blended rums. One aged 10 years entirely in Ex-Bourbon Barrels, another aged 4 years in Ex-Bourbon and then transferred into Ex-Port for an additional 6 years. No color, no sugar, no additives, no filtration. “
Richland Single Estate Old Georgia rum: “Richland Rum’s Single Estate Old Georgia Rum is an iconic and uniquely American spirit, made with their own Georgia Red sugar cane. The cane is juiced and concentrated into syrup, then fermented into cane wine. The cane wine is twice-distilled and aged in barrels for 4 years.”