RSL Favorites

Seasonal Offerings

Saturn . . . $12

Sweet, but not too sweet. Fruity, floral, tropical. A tiki legend, perfect for being beachside …or wishing you were.

Día Sueño . . . $12

Tart, fruity, tangy, and a touch smokey. Like a delicious vacation to the warm desert.

Cold Buttered Rum . . . $13

An unusual take on the holiday classic. This concoction showcases all the flavors you love from the traditional hot buttered rum, while bringing new-age techniques to the spotlight.

Daiquiri . . . $12

Crisp, tart, and refreshing. A little boozy and funky. Such a classic, we named the bar after it.

Maelstrom . . . $12

Our in-your-face version of the classic Dark n’ Stormy. Batten the hatches and ride out the storm.

The Still Life . . . $13

This Negroni riff is no joke; bold seasonal flavors shine through while staying true to the timeless classic.

Mai Tai . . . $12

Not the syrupy drink you might be used to. A staple in any rum bar, the Mai Tai is sharp and full of kick with just the right touch of Caribbean distinction.

Witch’s Cottage . . . $12

Fresh green apples with warm ground spices make this libation sing. A beckoning lightness, inviting and mysterious while still staying familiar..

Notorious P.O.G . . . $13

Named in tribute to the late Biggie Smalls, this drink packs a punch just like his music. Winter and fall flavors harmonize with the tropical world, pun intended.

Painkiller . . . $12

Battle your woes with creamy coconut and sweet citrus. A mature big sibling to the Piña Colada. Some cures taste better than others.

Wines by the Glass

House, White, Rose . . . $10

Seasonal Beers

Lager . . . $6
Mexican Lager . . . $5
IPA . . . $6
Long Drink . . . $6

Soil & Sun . . . $15

Nutty, tart, juicy, complex earth tones. A seasonal feast to celebrate a bountiful harvest. Enjoy another revolution of Earth and Sun.