The Classics

RSL Favorites

Seasonal Specialties

Saturn . . . $12

Sweet, but not too sweet. Fruity, floral, tropical. A tiki legend, perfect for being beachside …or wishing you were.

Daiquiri . . . $12

Crisp, tart, and refreshing. A little boozy and funky. Such a classic, we named the bar after it.

Missionary’s Downfall . . . $13

From the early days of legendary Don the Beachcomber, a refreshing tiki classic. Bright mint, subtle peach. Tasty enough to make anyone lose sight of the mission. Sorry, blender’s broken.

Rococo . . . $14

Here at RSL, we love our gin martinis. Especially the kind that sing during summertime.
Give this bright martini riff a whirl and we promise you will not be disappointed.

Día Sueño . . . $13

Tart, fruity, tangy, and a touch smokey. Like a delicious vacation to the warm desert.

Rising Sun . . . $14

This sippable summer treat blends two Japanese spirits for the perfect balance of fresh botanicals and funky sugar cane, softened by ripe strawberry and a kiss of lime. Take your time and enjoy the sunrise.

Metis Mesa . . . $14

A combination of flavors you might expect in your morning smoothie. Creamy banana and tart blueberry with the subtle herbaciousness of matcha-like tea. A hardy nightime drink to awaken the senses.

Sacred Valley  . . . $14

Honestly we just wanted to drink the coconut-pisco straight all the time, but pressed on to create this cocktail. Turns out it’s pretty delicious this way too. Tropical as ever, clever and delicate in execution.

Painkiller . . . $13

Battle your woes with creamy coconut and sweet citrus. A mature big sibling to the Piña Colada. Some cures taste better than others.

Maelstrom . . . $13

Our in-your-face version of the classic Dark n’ Stormy. Batten the hatches and ride out the storm.

Aku Aku Lapu . . . $14

Nectar of the Tiki Gods.  A tropical escape that will take you away…
in more ways than one. Set sail with our version of this classic tiki cocktail.

Honeywave . . . $14

An effervescent exploration of the richness and depth of honey. Soft yet bright, cool yet warming. Rich, and still refreshing.

Jungle Cat . . . $14

Tart candy up front gives way to a pleasantly dry finish. Raw and wild rum with soft fruit and bitter balance. Like a fuzzy ocelot, sweet and approachable with a quick bite.

Wines by the Glass

House, White, Rose . . . $11

Seasonal Beers

Lager . . . $6
Mexican Lager . . . $6
IPA . . . $6
Long Drink . . . $6


Sales tax not included.  Please enjoy responsibly.

Please be advised that our cocktails may contain dairy, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts or tree nuts. Consuming raw or undercooked eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.