Balearic House? Tropical Disco? We’ve been having a hard time putting a label on some of the music we’ve been digging up lately, but couldn’t think of a better place to air it out than the famous Rum Sugar Lime in Midtown.

Let’s travel back in time to Ibeza, Spain in the 90s for a night and have a dance party in the beach hotel’s lobby. We’re opening the garage door of RSL and embracing the open air and warm of the night for this month’s edition of Discotheque.

We’re also giving the night a little spin this time around! Chuck Tyler from House Party (Reno’s favorite monthly for electronic) will join Mark Sexton on the decks, and together they’ll take you on a sonic journey you’ll never forget (or maybe never remember).

It’s only happening once; you won’t want to miss DEEPER DISCOTHEQUE!!!

Oh and did we mention it’s free?!