It takes a little over five months to create our cocktail menus. Hours are spent considering what products are in season, how we might creatively use them, and of course, making something that actually tastes great.
As an aside, many of the classic tiki/tropical drinks we’ve come to know over the years are surprisingly not all that drinkable when recreated with the exact ingredients specified.

In fact, some of them are sadly disappointing. That shouldn’t stop you from trying them, but it should stop us from offering them.

Although classic cocktail recipes serve as a historical foundation for many of our creations – we definitely put our own spin on them to freshen them up, and modernize them to today’s standards. Each of our crew has spent many hours developing, crafting, testing and adjusting to get it just right for you.

Which brings us to today…

Today we quietly (very quietly) launch our newest set of libations. And boy, are we excited. Our thirteenth menu with thirteen amazing flavor profiles and ingredients.

The RSL crew has developed some truly special drinks this time around. Some familiar – others a little more daring and adventurous. Although we love them all, we never really know what you’re going to think. And that’s where you come in – the reason we work so hard at all this.

Proudly, we offer up some truly creative juices for you to explore. And as one of the owners of our establishment, I couldn’t be more honored by how hard our team works to bring you the latest in our craft. They are innovators, creators, masters of their domain – and obviously amazing at what they do.

We’ll be posting photos and details about our new menu in the weeks ahead. For now, you’ll find a starting point with your favorite bartender’s guidance through a new set of tropical flavors and presentations.

Cheers, friends. 🥂
Our continued thanks for all your love and support! ❤️