HOT BUTTERED RUM – also known as a hot toddy – is a delicious, dessert-like rum cocktail with a rich, buttery flavor that is gently spiced and often finished-off with a twist of orange. Hot Buttered Rum is commonly made by adding all ingredients into a mug and serving it warm.

Clean and smooth with a hint of Santa Claus lingering inside each sip

Hot Buttered Rums were considered to be an alternative for sick people in the late 19th and early 20th century who could drink alcohol medicinally. The Hot Buttered Rum was usually served on these occasions without sugar or spices so that patients wouldn’t have to taste anything unpleasant even if they didn’t feel well. Hot Buttered Rum was also considered to be a form of sustenance in the Midwest States in the early 19th century where people would use Nutmeg and Hot Water as an alternative for Hot Cocoa in the winter season. Hot Buttered Rums are traditionally made by mixing butter, brown sugar, spices, rum, maple syrup, honey, or vanilla extract into a mug before adding hot water to taste.

Hot Buttered Rums are generally served in mugs with handles that are specifically meant to prevent staining when serving drinks inside them.

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